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PDF of 2022 Sale Heifer info and prices

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Dawson Ms. Sandra Lee 62

Price: $4500

AAA # 20407884

DOB: 1/11/22

Dam: Dawson Ms. Barbara 149

Sire: Colburn Primo

CED: +7 BW:+1.5 WW: +50 YW: +83


Sired by one of the show industry's most prominent sires, Colburn Primo delivers again in this heifer. Thick topped, big boned, hairy, and stylish she possesses everything you want in both a show heifer and cow. Tons of spring of rib and volume is complemented by her deep flank. Her dam is one of our top up-and-coming dams out of PVF Insight.

profile 2(1).jpg
face and profile.jpg
34 front.jpg

Dawson Ms Blackbird 22

Price: $4000

AAA # 20408524

DOB: 1/4/22

Dam: Dawson Ms. Blackbird 76

Sire: Coleman Bravo


CED: +8  BW: +1.3  WW: +42

YW: +76  $EN: +9 (Top 4%)


Dam is a full sibling to our famous ‘Dawsy’, winner of NAILE and NWSS. Coleman Bravo brings the easy fleshing, high capacity, and spring of rib that this heifer has. She is the perfect sized heifer set on top of big feet and solid leg structure. Easy natured and ready to help improve any cattle herd.

main profile(2).jpg
34 front(2).jpg
rear 34(2).jpg

Full Sibling to Dawson Ms Blackbird 22 dam

Dawson Ms Royal Princess 122

Price: $3700

AAA # 20409280

DOB: 1/24/22

Dam: Dawson Ms. Royal Princess 180  Sire: HA Cowboy Up

CED: +3 BW: +3.9 WW:+55 YW: +103

Tremendous show heifer prospect possessing style and class. Exceptionally well balanced with top end quality she will quickly rise to the top of your list. 

profile 1(2).jpg
34 front(2).jpg
HA Cowboy up.jpg

HA Cowboy Up- Sire of Dawson Royal Princess 122

Dawson Ms Blackbird 322

Price: $3400

AAA # 20407532

DOB: 3/8/22

Dam: Dawson Ms Blackbird 413

Sire: Dawson Redemption 36 (Plum Creek Paradox son)


CED: -3 BW: +5.3 WW: +35

YW: +67 $EN: -4 (Top 20%)


The full sibling to this heifer was our first sale of 2021. She was immediately picked out above all the older and bigger heifers. This heifer possesses the equal balance that made her sibling so sought after. Whether it's her almost gliding walk, eye appeal, easy going nature or overall capacity and depth that you admire, you will all admire this heifer.

rearish profile(1).jpg
main profile(1).jpg

Dawson Ms Blackcap 132

Price: $2750 

AAA # 20409283

DOB: 1/26/22

Dam: Dawson Ms Blackcap 240

Sire: Silveiras Forbes


CED: +1 BW: +3.8 WW: +47 YW:+82

This heifer is a double threat with her ability to be competitive in a show ring as either Angus or Commercial. One of the few Angus heifers that is naturally heavily haired and extremely showy. She is always a topic of conversation with farm viewers. Sired by the equally stylish Silveiras Forbes, she possesses a bright future. 


Dawson Ms Queenie 172

Price: $4000

AAA # 20409664

DOB: 2/12/22

Dam: GAF Queenie 165-9458 Sire: Graber Mr. Angus


CED: +8    BW: +1.2  WW: +76 (Top 15%)   

YW: +130 (Top 15%) CW: +67 (Top 10%)

RE: +.87 ( Top 20%)  Marb : +.86 (Top 25%)

$M: +84 (Top 10%)  $F: +105 (Top 15 %)

$B: +171 (Top 15%) $W: +73 (Top 10%)

$C: +306 (Top 4%)

Don’t let this heifers amazing EPDs distract you from her all Angus look. She still possesses balance of kind and eye appeal. Her paternal sister has already been sent to our donor pen and will be available for viewing. This heifers growth and maturity off of a first calf heifer shows that her top quality numbers are more than just numbers on a sheet but true profit turning traits.

172 rear.jpg
172 profile.jpg
172 34 front.jpg

Dawson Ms Rito Lady 382

Price: $3000

AAA # 20407536

DOB: 3/19/22

Dam: Dawson Ms. Rito Lady 228

Sire: Dawson Redemption 36 (Plum Creek Paradox son)


CED: +5

BW: +1.3

WW: +36

YW: +65

This heifer brings about the best of her dam and sire. Her dam is one of our longest and deep bodied cows with unmatched capacity. Her sire is heavily muscled and one of the thickest Angus bulls I have seen. This heifer is the perfect balance. Evenly deep bodied from flank to chest and thick topped from trailhead to shoulder. Don’t let her March birthday deter you, she will quickly rise to the top of your list.

382 profile.jpg
382 front.jpg

Dawson Ms Rosetta 92

Price: $3000

AAA #: 20407779

DOB: 1/17/22

Dam: Grubbs Miss Rosetta 427 (VAR Discovery)

Sire: Musgrave Crackerjack

CED: +4

BW: +2

WW: +63

YW: +116

This heifer might be the best deal in the lot. She has tremendous depth and capacity along with that true Angus cow look. Her long stride and smooth shoulder angles give her that extra feminine look. Her sire is known for his replacement heifer making capabilities, and this heifer is a prime example of this!

34 rear main(1).jpg
Musgrave Crackerjack.jpeg

Musgrave Crackerjack - Sire of Dawson Ms Rosetta 92

Dawson Ms Rosetta 142

Price: $2300

AAA #: 20407521

DOB: 2/6/22

Dam: Grubbs Miss Rosetta 57

Sire: Dawson Redemption 36 (Plum Creek Paradox son)

CED: +6 

BW: +2.1

WW: +38

YW: +73

$EN: -9 (Top 30%)

The first thing anyone notices on this heifer is her incredible thickness. She is thick from back to front, not giving up any depth from top to bottom either. I can't imagine any breeding with this heifer that wouldn't produce a top quality calf.


Dawson Ms Lassie 222

Price: $3200

AAA #: 20407524

DOB: 2/25/22

Dam: Dawson Ms Lassie 420 (Dawson Redemption 36)

Sire: Dawson Blackstone 20 (SAV Raindance son)

CED: +9

BW: +0.5

WW: +43

YW: +79

CEM: +10 (Top 30%)


34 front(1).jpg

Dawson Blackstone 20 (SAV Raindance)- Sire of Dawson Ms Lassie 222

Dawson Ms Barbara 372

Price: $1800

AAA #: 20407535

DOB: 3/17/22

Dam: Dawson Ms Barbara 220

Sire: Dawson Lineage 200 (EXAR Classen son)

CED: +3

BW: +2.6

WW: +43

YW: 74

This nice solid built heifer would be a great addition to any herd. Her dam will be 13 years old and calving in February again this year. This shows a solid pedigree and longevity that any cattleman wishes for.

Her sire was one of our top sellers in 2021 fall bull sale. 

Edited Profile-3.jpg

Dawson Lineage 200 - EXAR Classen son

Sire of Dawson Ms Barbara 372

Pictured as a yearling in Spring of 2021

Dawson Ms Styles Elva 302

Price: $2000

AAA #: 20407530

DOB: 3/3/22

Dam: Styles Elva S115

Sire: Dawson Shattered Dreams 77 (EXAR Blue Chip son)

CED: -3

BW: +4.4

WW: +60

YW: +104

This heifer leads off the March heifers and does so with incredible femininity and tremendous growth. She is out of one of our larger framed dams and larger framed bulls. Both her dam and sire have both proven themselves over the years to produce easy fleshing and maintaining calves that both produce and look top quality. 

rear 2(1).jpg
Dreams Front Angle Edited.jpg

Dawson Shattered Dreams 77

EXAR Blue Chip son

Sire of Dawson Ms Styles Elva 302