We will be offering heifers sired by:
SAV Raindance
Silveiras GQ
Colburn Inspire
Graber Mr. Angus
Dawson Stockman
Dawson Redemption
Dawson Shattered Dreams

Will begin putting up DOB/ pedigree information starting week of August 31st & Photos starting the following week

To schedule a visit or for additional information please contact
Carla Dawson: 843.941.0984

Dawson Ms Barbara 11

AAA # 20119222
DOB: 01/01/2021
Sire: SAV Raindance 
Dam: Dawson Ms. Barbara 149 (Insight)

Even with a first calf heifer dam this heifer calf has shown amazing growth and shares the natural capacity of her dams line.  This heifers granddam ( Dawson Ms Barabara 220 AAA# 18115978) is top 1% DMI top 10% $EN & top 15% BW

Profile 3.jpg
Profile 1.jpg
Profile 2.jpg
SAV Raindance.jpg

SAV Raindance

Sire of Dawson Ms. Barbara 11

Dawson Ms Blackcap 21

AAA # 20119236
DOB: 01/02/2021
Sire: Silveiras S Sis GQ
Dam: Dawson Ms. Blackcap 209 (Midnight Swagger)

21 profile 2.jpg
21 profile.jpg
Silveiras GQ bull.jpg
Silveiras S Sis GQ
    Sire of Dawson Ms Blackcap 21
34 rear for 21.jpg


Dawson Ms. Rosetta 41

AAA # 20117455
DOB: 01/21/2021
Sire: Colburn Inspire
Dam: Dawson Ms. Rosetta 83 (Midnight Swagger)

Profile 2.jpg
Sideish view.jpg
Front view 2.jpg


mostly profile 1.jpg
Colburn Inspire.jpg

Colburn Inspire

Sire of Dawson Ms. Rosetta 41

Dawson Ms Blackcap May 51

AAA # 20114638
DOB: 01/21/2021
Sire: Graber Mr. Angus
Dam: G A F Blackcap May 899 (RB Active Duty 010)

51 rear photo.jpg
51 rear angle view_edited.jpg
51 front angle_edited.jpg
Graber Mr Angus.jpg
Graber Mr Angus
Sire of Dawson Blackcap May 51

Dawson Ms Universal Girl 71

AAA # 20119371
DOB: 01/31/2021
Sire: SAV Raindance
Dam: Dawson Ms. Universal Girl 352 (Midnight Swagger)

34 front.jpg
Profile 1.jpg


Dawson Ms. Blackbird 101

AAA # 20114635
DOB: 02/09/2021
Sire: Dawson Stockman 89 (BC Balance)
Dam: Dawson Ms. Blackbird 69 (PVF Insight x Famous)


Dawson Ms Lassie 111

AAA # 20114640
DOB: 02/10/2021
Sire: Dawson Stockman 89 (BC Balance)
Dam: Dawson Ms. Lassie 169 (Dawson Redemption x SAV Bismarck)

Profile 1.jpg
34 rear.jpg
89 rear.jpg
Profile Edited.jpg
Dawson Stockman 89
Sire of Dawson Ms Lassie 111
Pictured Winter of 2021 (He was 2 yrs old)This bull was our top selling bull in 2021

Dawson Ms Blackbird 201

AAA # 20114651
DOB: 02/28/2021
Sire: Dawson Redemption 36
Dam: Dawson Ms Blackbird 413
201 profile 2.jpg
201 profile.jpg
201 rear .jpg


201 front.jpg

Dawson Ms Rito Lady 221

AAA # 20114644
DOB: 03/02/2021
Sire: Dawson Stockman 89 (BC Balance)
Dam: Dawson Ms Rito Lady 228
profile 2.jpg
Front 2.jpg
Profile Edited.jpg
89 rear.jpg
Dawson Stockman 89
Sire of Dawson Ms Rito Lady 221
Pictured Winter of 2021 (He was 2 yrs old)
This bull was our top selling bull in 2021