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Dawson Angus
Farm to Table Beef Program


All Natural Certified Angus

Freezer Beef

Please email us or call/text Carla at 843.941.0984 to inquire about availability

All meat is processed at Monon Meats in Monon Indiana

We have added additional slots for 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef in March & April 2023

Bulk Beef

 2023 Prices

   1/4 Beef- $700  (est. $3.50/ hanging lb)

   1/2 Beef- $1250 (est. $2.97/ hanging lb)

    Whole- $2500

* These are flat rates owed to Dawson Angus. Customer is responsible for processing fees and is payable to Monon Meats upon pickup. 

1/4 or more beef packages allow you to customize your beef. You can chose which cuts from your portion you want and how you want them cut and packaged. All additional beef will go into your ground beef. ​

If you have any questions on cuts, processing fees, or how much beef you would need for a year you may reach out to us at any time. 


Retail Cuts

We continue to replenish our retail cuts thru June

We offer all cuts of steaks, roasts, ground beef, and more that are sold on a per lb basis. 

Large orders will be available for free local delivery 

Beef can also be picked up at the farm or the Morocco Farmers market each Saturday in the summer or at the Morocco Beaver Fest. 

Follow us on Facebook for recipe ideas and specials as well as our new page on here for unique beef recipes ! 

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