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Dawson Angus
All Natural Freezer Beef

Dawson Angus has been raising cattle for 3 generations and starting in 2020 branched into the direct to client freezer beef business. This addition to our operation has been meet with great success. In just 4 short years we will go from processing 7 head for 4 clients and family to over 50 head and over 150 clients in 2024!

We take great pride in providing the best quality All Natural Angus Beef to our clients at a reasonable price. Our cattle are from our top quality breeding stock & have 2 nutritionist on call to make sure their beef will be the best you have ever had!

The term All Natural as applied to our farm means that our livestock do not receive any antibiotics / probiotics or hormones in their feedstuffs nor water. 

We sell our beef in 2 ways. First in bulk by selling 1/4, 1/2, or Whole options. These options allows you to customize how you want your beef cut and packaged to suit your family best. 

Secondly we offer Retail Cuts sold by the pound for our clients to try prior to bulk purchase or if you simply don't need a full 1/4 beef. 

Bulk Beef

A family of 4 that eats beef 3-4 times a week can go thru a 1/2 beef per year.


Amount of Beef

Dawson Angus averages 1275-1400 lb live weights

Hanging Weight *this is the weight processing is charged from 

         1/4  - 175- 200 lbs

         1/2  - 350-400 lbs

     Whole - 750- 800 lbs

*Your exact take home weight will vary based on bone-in or bone- out options but averages 60-65% of the hanging weight 

2023 Average Processing Charge  *does vary depending on exactly what you want done

         1/4 Beef- $220 - $250

         1/2 Beef- $400- $450

Freezer Space 

1/4 Beef- 7- 10 cubic ft freezer

1/2 Beef- 10- 14 cubic ft freezer

Whole Beef - 21 cubic ft freezer

Our 1/4 beef is offered as a half of a half, meaning that you get a bit of everything just half as much as a half beef. We do not offer front or rear 1/4 beef.

With bulk orders you may customize which cuts of beef you want and how you want them packaged. This allows you to make decisions on your beef that works best for your family.

If you do not want a particular cut of beef offered don't worry you don't lose that beef, rather it is added to your ground beef.

Check out the custom processing sheet from Monon Meats to see your options

2023 Available Date

We continue to expand our business to better meet the needs of the community. We will continue to grow in 2024 and offer Spring & Fall Dates! 

Exciting News!! We will begin offering American Wagyu beef available in 1/4 1/2 or Whole! This will be limited supply.

                                                          February 16th - SOLD OUT

                                                          February 23rd - SOLD OUT

                                                              March 9th - SOLD OUT

                                                             March 23rd - SOLD OUT

March 30th - SOLD OUT 

April 6th - SOLD OUT 

April 27th - SOLD OUT

 May 11th - SOLD OUT

August 21 - 1 whole beef (4 quarters) available

Retail Cuts

We offer over 25 cuts of beef sold by the pound. These items are available as long as we have them in stock. 

Weekly Specials will be posted here and on our facebook page. If you would like added to our email list to keep up to date please complete the form below

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