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                      We offer top quality Angus Bulls yearly


Dawson Angus Bulls sired by

      PVF Surveillance 4129          

      LMF Profile 717

      PVF Insight 0129

      Silveiras Style 9303

      BC Balance 516-7

      EXAR Classen 4122B

We offer yearlings to 4 year olds for sale. All bulls pass a breeding soundness exam prior to sale. 

Please Contact Carla directly at 843.941.0984 or thru our website for further information on our lineup of bulls 

You may request a photo prior via text or email

2020 Bull Calves are weaned and looking amazing!! look for their photos and videos in Spring 2021!! 

Below are current bulls available for sale! 

Dawsons Shattered Dreams 77

DOB: 1.19.2017

AAA# 18887243

Sire:EXAR Blue Chip 1877BAAA 

Dreams is a sound built reliable bull that has produced some quality calves for Dawson Angus. 

2019 and 2020 Calf crop available for view at farm! 

Dawson Mr. Make It Easy 128


DOB : 01.08.2018

AAA # 19257336

Sire: Silveiras Style 9303

This son of the famous Style bull shares his sires eye appeal and matches that with his Dams solid structure. His 2020 calf crop shows that his eye appeal and correctness will be shared with his calves. 

Dawson Stockman 89

DOB: 1.24.2019

AAA #: 17954519

Sire: BC Balance 516-7

Dawson Conversationalist 99


Place Mouse over photo for video


AAA #:18811386

Sire: PVF Insight 0129

Dam of Dawson Conversationalist 99 pictured as a calf. Dam is out of Silveiras Style 

Sire of Dawson Conversationalist 99

PVF Insight 

Dawson Outlook 139


Place Mouse over photo for video

DOB: 2.15.2019

AAA #: 18488756

Sire:  PVF Surveillance 4129

PVF Surveillance is the sire to Dawson Outlook 139

Maternal Sibling to Dawson Outlook 139

Dawson National Heritage 159


AAA #:17231293

Sire: LMF Profile 717

LMF Profile is Sire of Dawson National Heritage

Maternal Sibling to Dawson National Heritage 159 

Sold in our 2017 Featured Attraction Sale

Dawson Romantic Dreamer 329



AAA #:18850094

Sire: Dawsons Shattered Dreams 329

Rick, John, & Carla Dawson
1918 W. 200 S.

Morocco, IN 47963
Carla Cell: 843.941.0984
John Cell: 219.613.4158
Rick Cell: 219.863.0228

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