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Dawson Angus Bulls sired by:

      SAV Raindance 6848

      Dawsons Redemption 36

      PVF Blacklist 

      Byergo Boomer

      Dawson Stockman 89


                                   WE ARE SOLD OUT FOR 2021

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Dawsons Shattered Dreams 77

DOB: 1.19.2017

AAA# 18887243

Sire:EXAR Blue Chip 1877BAAA 

Dreams is a sound built reliable bull that has produced some quality calves for Dawson Angus. 

                   2019 and 2020 Calf crop available for view at farm! 

                              Images taken Winter of 2021

Dreams Front Angle Edited.jpg
Side View.jpg

EXAR Blue Chip 1877B

Sire of Dawsons Shattered Dreams 77

Maternal Sibiling to Dawson Dreams 77

Top Selling Steer at Dawson Angus in 2020

Dawson Stockman 89

DOB: 1.24.2019

AAA #: 17954519

Sire: BC Balance 516-7

Stockman has proven himself to be an easy fleshing, easy maintenance bull that won't cost you a fortune to maintain. His calves have already starting showing this same great trait with amazing growth rates even on 1st calf heifers. He is built on top of a big foot with solid bone structure that will keep him working for years. This easy fleshing and handling bull will add dollars to anyones calf crop. 1st calf crop has shown him to be the PERFECT bull for 1st calf heifers. Low birth weight, incredible vigor instantly, and amazing growth rate!! 

CED +6

$EN -12

Pictured below in pasture during breeding season late summer 2020. * New pictures will be taken in March.

2021 Calves available for viewing

Profile Edited.jpg
89 rear.jpg



Sire of Dawson Stockman 89

BC Balance 516-7


Dawson Stockman 89 Calves

These were all under 1 month of age at date of photo

Calving ease is a big part of Stockman pros.

 First calf heifers averaged 65 lb birth weights and 2nd calf cows were averaging 85 

Dawson National Heritage 159

DOB: 02/20/2019

AAA# 19544351

Sire: LMF Profile 717 

This is a solid built bull that can add a bit of frame and pounds to your next calf crop. He has an easy going nature that makes him a joy to handle. 

Lot 11 2017 Sale.jpg
LMF Profile Ref Sire .jpg

Maternal Sibling to Dawson National Heritage 159 

Sold in our 2017 Featured Attraction Sale

Sire of Dawson National Heritage 159

LMF Profile 717

Dawson Prime Time 10

DOB: 01.09.2020

Sire: SAV Raindance 6848

Dam: Craft Cheyenne 572-881

AAA #: 19790815


This easy fleshing, light on his feet, all bull yearling will quickly be the one to grab your attention. His dam has been a true champion for Dawson Angus. She turns 13 yrs old this year and continues to thrive. He will pass on this longevity of his dam along with top notch EPDs and eye appeal of his sire. 

CED +3

Milk +16

CEM +2

CW +23

SAV Raindance.jpg

        SAV Raindance 6848

Sire of Dawson Prime Time 10


Craft Cheyenne 572-881

Dam of Dawson Prime Time 10- pictured winter of 2021 (at 13 yrs of age)

Dawson Blackstone 20

DOB: 1.09.2020

Sire: SAV Raindance 6848

Dam: Dawson Ms. Lassie 48 

AAA #: 19790791

Dawson Blackstone is out of one of our high quality Silveiras Style cows. Despite her being a first calf heifer he never lacked growth compared to his age group. He continues to be one of the easiest fleshing bulls. Kind natured he will be a easy to handle for years to come. Combining the looks and style of two of the great Angus herd families this bull will work for any herd. 

CED +4

YW +104

Milk +15

CEM +4


SAV Raindance.jpg

SAV Raindance 6848

Sire of Dawson Blackstone 20

Dawson Night Shift 130

DOB: 2.23.2020

Sire: EXAR Classen 1422B

Dam: Dawson Ms. Universal Girl 140

AAA #: 19787064

Dawson Night Shift 130 has award winning genetics on top and bottom. His dam is one of Dawson Angus' top earning cows. You will love his for his pedigree and his look. Long smooth lines, deep rib set, and the perfect angles onto of a big foot. This bull covers massive ground with each stride. 

CED +2

Milk +23

CEM +9

CW +24

$C +183

2014 Lot 3


Dawson Ms. Universal Gal 304

$10,000 maternal sister to Dawson Night Shift 130

EXAR Classen 1422B 

Sire of Dawson Night Shift 130

Dawson Ms. Universal Girl 140

Dam of Dawson Night Shift 130

*Pictured Winter 2021 at 11 yrs old

Dawson Lineage 200

DOB: 2.29.2020

Sire: EXAR Classen 1422B

Dam: Dawson Ms. Jestress 27

AAA #: 19787059

Dawson Lineage 200 will quickly grab your attention as one of the deepest bodied, big boned, and massive eye appeal in the pen of yearling bulls. Its no surprise seeing who is Sire and Dam are (Pictured below). His maternal brother was our top selling bull at Dawson Angus in 2020 (also pictured below). His dam is out of the highly sought after Silveiras Style bull. If you looking to add pounds to your calves or win in the show ring this bull will help you get there!

CED +0

Milk +20

CEM +7



3_4 front.jpg
Edited Profile-3.jpg


cropped 27.jpg

Dawson Ms. Jestress 27

Dam of Dawson Lineage 200 *Pictured fall of 2020 at 3 yrs of age

EXAR Classen 1422B

Sire of Dawson Lineage 200

Dawson Conversationalist 99

Maternal Sibling to Dawson Lineage 200 and top selling Bull for Dawson Angus in 2020. 

Dawson Classic Black 230

DOB: 03/03/2020

Sire: Dawson Redemption 36

Dam: Grubbs Miss Jestress 35

AAA #: 19786861


Dawson Redemption in field 2020.jpg

Dawson Redemption 36

Sire of Dawson Classic Black 230

*he and his calves are available for viewing at Dawson Angus