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                           DAWSON ANGUS BULLS 

                                        FOR SALE

                            We offer top quality Angus Bulls yearly










We have some outstanding 2023 Bull Prospects

& will also offer a 2 yr old. 


Sires of 2023 sale bulls include: SAV America, Duff JC 4-Real, Graber Mr. Angus, KR Synergy, Dawson Stockman (SAV Raindance son), Dawson Shattered Dreams (EXAR Blue Chip son) & the popular Dawson Redemption (Plum Creek Paradox son)

All bulls pass a breeding soundness exam and are guaranteed in accordance with the AAA guidelines. All Yearling sale bulls have also had a HD50K DNA run for increased accuracy on EPDs.

Please Contact Carla directly at 843.941.0984 or thru our website for further information on our lineup of bulls. 

You may request a video prior via text or email 


Dawson Eternal 12



                  DOB: 1/1/2022

                  Sire: Duff JC 4-Real

                  Dam: Dawson Ms. Rosetta 83 (Liquid Asset)

                  AAA: 20408535

                  Price: $12,000


                  CED: +7

                  BW: +0.6 (top 35%)

                  WW: +49

                  YW: +91

                  $EN: -7 (Top 25%)

There is so much good that can be said about Eternal. His family has been one of our consistently top producing Dams for Dawson Angus. Below are pictures of just a few of her calves. His sire side is equally impressive. Duff 4- Real has made quite the splash in the Angus world. HIs calves have been big bodied, easy fleshing, stylish and structurally sound. 

Eternal was raised without creep feed until weaning and was feed less that 4 lbs per day of grain until end of January 2023. This bull proves that he is naturally heavy muscled and easy fleshing. A larger framed calf he will add muscle and size atop a big solid hoof. 

Duff JC 4-Real - sire of Dawson Eternal 12
Profile 2.jpg
Dam of Eternal - Liquid Asset daughter
Pictured this winter at 10 years old. Available for viewing at the farm.
Maternal sibling to Eternal
Sired by Colburn Inspire
2021 Top Selling Heifer 
Maternal Sibling to Eternal
Sired by Colburn Primo
Multiple time Grand & Res. Angus  heifer for the Kessler family
Kessler NWI show winner.jpg
Maternal Sibling
Sired by LMF Profile
Sold in 2022 

Dawson True American 52

                  DOB: 1/9/2022

                  Sire: SAV America 

                  Dam: Dawson Ms. Barbara 30 (Colburn Primo)

                  AAA: 20416456

                  Price: $4,200


                  CED: +5

                  BW: +2.7

                  WW: +57

                  YW: +92

                  $EN: -13

                  DMI: +.44 (Top 15%)

                  Marb: +.82 (Top 30%)

                  RE: +0.67

                 $G: +60 (Top 30%)


Dawson true American 52 is a great combination of show and production genetics. Still has all the eye appeal of his dam mixed with the stacked genetics of his sire. This easy handling bull will make some of your next favorite replacement heifer. 

3 Side Profile.jpg

Dawson Ms. Barbara 30 - Dam of Dawson True American 52 pictured as a calf.

This bull was raised by Dawson Ms. Barbara 30 as a 1st calf heifer and while being a donor. 

SAV America 8018 - Sire of Dawson  True American 52. 

Record selling $1.5 million bull at SAV- pictured here as a 2yr old

SAV America 8018 2 Year Old.jpeg

Dawson Reclamation 112

                  DOB: 1/23/2022

                  Sire: Graber Mr. Angus 9080

                  Dam:GAF Lady No Doubt 6108-904

                  AAA: 20414872

                  Price: $5,000


                  CED: +5

                  BW: +2.6

                  WW: +83 (Top 5%)

                  YW: +144 (Top 10%)

                  CEM: + 10 (Top 30%)

I could go on and on about his EPDs, please check out the full pedigree. Within his Management/ Carcass/ Angus-Dairy/ Combined Index's all but 2 are in the top 25%, 10 are in the top 10%, 4 in top 5%, and 2 in the top 1%)


Graber Mr angus.jpeg

Graber Mr Angus 9080- Sire of Dawson Reclamation 112

Dawson Ms Queenie 172 (AAA # 20409664)

Paternal sister to Dawson Reclamation 112

She has an equal balance in style & Structure mixed with impressive EPDs


Dawson Atonement 202

                  DOB: 2/22/22

                  Sire: Dawson Redemption 36 (Plum Creek Paradox)

                  Dam: Dawson Ms Jilt 366 

                  AAA: 20407523

                  Price: $4000


                  CED: +3

                  BW: +2.9

                  WW: +42

                  YW: +80

                  CEM: +9


Atonement is one of the MANY great reflections of his sire, Dawson Redemption 36. This herd sire of ours has sired top selling heifers & bulls for us over the years. His proven genetics have worked not only for us but the farms his calves go too. He stamps his calves all with his amazing fleshing abilities, growth, structural soundness and demeanor. I can't say enough kind words about this amazingly well balanced bull that will work for you no matter if you want replacement heifers or feeder calves. 

7 profile 1.jpg
Dawson Ms Jilt 70 
Dawson Ms Jilt 248

All 3 are FULL siblings to Dawson Atonement 202 

Dawson Revival 131

Pictured below are just a few of the quality calves that are Paternal siblings to Dawson Atonement 202.

profile 2.jpg
Dawson Ms Blackbird 201
main profile(1).jpg
Dawson Lady Substantial 362
profile 2(1).jpg
Dawson Ms Rito Lady 382
18 profile.jpg
Dawson Ms Royal Princess 180

Dawson Absolution 282

                  DOB: 3/2/22

                  Sire: Dawson Blackstone 20

                  Dam: Dawson Ms Blackcap 209

                  AAA: 20407528

                  Price: $3800


                  CED: +3

                  BW: +3.4

                  WW: +57

                  YW: +101


Absolution has that easy fleshing abilities tracing back to SAV Raindance genetics.  One of the naturally hairiest, biggest boned bull on the lot he quickly grabs everyones attention. Clean fronted and stylish he would make great quality show or replacement calves.

23Dawson_282 copy resized .jpg
Dawson Blackstone 20 
A top to bottom quality SAV Raindance son 

Blackstone is the sire of Dawson Atonement 228
Profile 4.jpg
profile 1.jpg
Dawson Ms Blackcap 21
Maternal sibling to Dawson Absolution 228
Sire: Silveiras Sis GQ

Dawson Ms Rito Lady 221

Paternal Sibling to Dawson Absolution 282

profile 2_edited.jpg

Dawson Redefined 72

DOB: 1/12/22

Sire: KR Synergy 

Dam: Grubbs Miss Rosetta 90

AAA: 20409346

Price: $3600




This bull is out of a first calf heifer, but is not even a step behind the others. Sired by the well balanced EPD efficient KR Synergy, this bull brings similar qualities to the table.  KR Synergy has top 25% WW along with top 10% $M. Adding those genetics to his sleek and stylish PVF Surveillance dam you obtain this well balanced functional bull. 

KR Synergy

Sire of Dawson Redefined 72
KR Synergy.jpeg

Dawson Mr. Universe 151

                 DOB: 2/22/21

                  Sire: Dawson Stockman 89 (BC Blance)

                  Dam: Dawson Ms Blackcap 88 (PVF Insight)

                  AAA: 20114637

                  Price: $4500


                  CED: +1

                  BW: +2.9

                  WW: +57

                  YW: +92

There will be Mr Universe calf on the ground to see by early April.

Additionally we have 2 paternal siblings in the first calf pen for viewing. 

Dawson Ms Lassie 111  Reg: AAA 20114640

Dawson Ms Lassie 141  Reg: AAA 20114633

Profile 2.jpg
Pictured last fall after being pulled as a yearling. 
151 Prof(1).jpg
151 Rear(1).jpg

Photos above were taken early spring 2023

Dawson Stockman 89 - sire of Mr. Universe 151

Sold as our top seller in 2021 to a local farmer where he remains in use. 
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