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Dawson Angus Bulls 2022 Yearlings sired by:

      SAV Raindance 6848

      Dawsons Redemption 36

      PVF Blacklist 7077

      Byergo Boomer 6351

      Dawson Stockman 89

      Dawson Shattered Dreams 7

      LMF Profile 

* We will offer 2 mature bull as well for 2022.  

All bulls pass a breeding soundness exam and are guaranteed in accordance with the AAA guidelines 

Please Contact Carla directly at 843.941.0984 or thru our website for further information on our lineup of bulls 

You may request a video prior via text or email 

Dawson American Made 31

Sire: SAV Raindance 

Dam: Dawson Ms. Blackbird 203

AAA # 20119370

DOB: 1/12/21

CED: +3

YW: +85

$EN: -9 

YH: +0.5

RE: +0.55

PRICED: Unavailable

The dam of American Made is a full sibling to our 2010 Reserve Champion Angus Heifer at both National Western Stock Show and 2009 NAILE as well as Champion Angus & 3rd overall 2008 Hoosier Beef Congress. SAV Raindance marks this bull calf with his length of body, eye appeal, and overall power. 

34 front(1).jpg
SAV Raindance.jpg

SAV Raindance- Sire of Dawson American Made 31


Full Sibling to Dam of Dawson American Made 31


AAA # 20117649

DOB: 1/24/21

Sire: PVF Blacklist 7077

Dam: Dawson Ms. Elba 374


CED: +6

YW: +111

$EN: -30

YH: +0.7

RE: +0.8


Expressionist dam goes back to SAV Brilliance one of the longest running still utilized sires in the Angus business. Matched with the style and muscling and rib shape of his sire PVF Blacklist this bull will be the first to grab your attention in our pen of yearlings. Easy fleshing, sound, and stylish Dawson Expressionist brings everything to the table. 

34 front 2(1).jpg
PVF Blacklist- Sire of Dawson Expressionist 61

Dawson Cledus T 91

AAA  # 20117618

DOB: 2/6/21

Sire: Byergo Boomer 6351

Dam: Shaw Lady Substantial 641


CED: -6

YW: +117

$EN: -15

YH: +0.8

RE: +0.59


Cledus matches both of his parents high performance pedigrees. Byergo has some of the highest EPD bulls in the industry and matched with this dams easy fleshing maternal traits Cledus offers something for every cattleman. He stands on quality feet, in which his top 3% Claw and top 10% Angle EPDs show. You will like him for his looks but love him for his temperament. He is naturally one of the easiest going bulls I have ever raised.

Byergo Boomer .jpeg
Byergo Boomer- Sire of Dawson Cledus T 91

Dawson Vindication 121

AAA # 20114641


Sire: Dawson Stockman 89 (BC Balance Son)

Dam: Dawson Ms. Blackbird 178


CED: +10


$EN: -19

YH: +0.4


Vindication was raised as his dams 2nd calf. She is a top producing daughter of Colburn Primo and continues to deliver us successful top selling calves year after year. His sire Dawson Stockman was our top selling bull as a 2 year old in 2021. Luckily for us we have a calf crop out of him. We have several top quality heifers you can see and additional bull for sale from Stockman. Vindication is a highly sound, stylish and functional bull for any cattleman. 

Profile Edited.jpg
89 rear.jpg
Dawson Stockman 89- Sire of Dawson Vindication 121
(Pictured at 22 months of age)

Dawson Revival 131

AAA # 20114649

DOB: 2/20/21

Sire: Dawson Redemption 36 (Plum Creek Paradox son)

Dam: Dawson Ms Jilt 366


CED: -1


$EN: -14

YH: +0.7



Come look at both the dam and sire of Revival and this will be your pick hands down! This nicely muscled bull brings his dams gut and overall capacity and his sires heavy muscling together. Dawson Redemption 36 has been servicing us for 6 years and every year his calves are some of our top sellers and some of the first to go. As well, Redemptions calves have more than proven themselves in the feedlot. Finishing at an average 1400 lbs at 11-12 months of age. These highly efficient cattle can benefit any herd. 

201 profile 2.jpg

Paternal Sibling to Dawson Revival 131. 

Sold in 2022 private treaty

Dawson Mr. Universe 151

AAA # 20114637

DOB: 2/22/21

Sire: Dawson Stockman 89 (BC Balance son)

Dam: Dawson Ms Blackcap 88 (PVF Insight)


CED: +1

YW: +94

$EN: -14

YH: +0.2

PRICED: $2800


This efficient moderate framed bull calf will add muscle to any cross. Testing the highest on breeding soundness exam day this bull will be sure to compact your calving season and cover more head. His sire topped our 2021 sale bulls as a 2 year old. His dam is a PVF Insight dam with amazing rib shape, muscle shape and continues to breed back earlier each year. 


Dawson Blackstone 20

AAA # 19790791

DOB: 1/9/20

Sire: SAV Raindance

Dam: Dawson Ms Lassie 48 (Silveiras Style daughter)


CED: +5

YW: +106

$EN: -20

Milk: +20



Blackstone has shown what he is made of in his first calf crop. Your welcome to walk thru his 2022 calves both bull and heifers. Once you do you will want to take him home with you. His calves out of first time heifers went well, all calved unassisted and with vigor. He matches his mothers sleek lines and eye appeal with SAVs traditional of functional high performing cattle. 

Front Profile(1).jpg
Blackstone 20-  2022 Calves
over 10 available for viewing at the farm
calf 19.jpg
calf 16.jpg
calf 28.jpg
SAV Raindance.jpg
SAV Raindance- sire of Dawson Blackstone 20

Dawson National Heritage 159

AAA # 19544351

DOB: 2/20/19

Sire: LMF Profile (Silveiras Style son)

Dam: Universal Girl 352


CED: +3

YW: +93

$EN: -24

YH: + 1.0

RE: +0.45

PRICED: $3500


Heritage is the perfect age to buy a bull. He’s old enough to be able to cover as many cows as you need and has his job figured out. His dam is 10 this year and still producing and looks as good as our 5 year old cows. LMF Profile is a Silveieras Style son and has done a wonderful job adding eye appeal to Heritage. This bull will add pounds and some leg under his calves. Calving ease has never been a concern with Heritage.

Sire Profile.jpeg
LMF Profile- Sire of Dawson National Heritage 159