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All Natural Farm Raised


Each Fall we are proud to offer family raised fresh pork

Like our beef program you get to choose the cuts you want and how you want them done!

Contact me directly to reserve your spot or complete the link at the bottom of the page

Carla Dawson 843.941.0984

Top Quality Pork at a Fair Price

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What do I get?

The average hog at butcher weighs 250-280 lbs

Your take home :

      1/2 - 70-80 lbs

      Whole -  140-160 lbs

A family of 4 can eat a whole hog yearly if they eat pork 2-3 times per week.

Freezer Space?

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1/2 Hog- 3-5 cubic ft freezer

Whole Hog - 7-12 cubic ft freezer

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Flat Rate Fees - 2023

1/2 Hog- $200 + Processing

Whole Hog- $400 + Processing

All processing will be completed at Monon Meats in Monon Indiana

Available dates for 2023

Sept 20th

Oct 4th

Dawson Pork
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